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We are independent:


We are an independent company doing commodity trading. Being independent has its own perks. On our end, it means that we are not answerable at par with anyone. Our decisions are client friendly and we have no one to veto our decisions. From the customer-traders point of view, the only entity that they are to approach is us and we and only we are answerable in any event of mediocre service or poor value objects.


We have a wide network:


Our activities span across the world including sourcing the raw materials from the local sources, transporting and storing facilities. Our twin virtues of knowledge and reliability have made us become the number one company in commodity trading today.


Our main products:


We deal mainly in three products. They are




Coffee, and




Our sourcing is done locally:


We source sugar from Brazil, coffee beans from North Africa and Cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast. The reason why we source from these places is that the commodities from these places respectively are best in quality and price.


Direct delivery:


If there is a need to directly ship the commodity to any of your retailers, we assure you that we will take care of all the procedure from our end. the paperwork from the departure port is entirely our responsibility and on us. however, the insurance of the commodity is your responsibility. Once the shipment leaves the dock, we will be relieved off all our liabilities and it will fall on you or your customer subject to the independent contractual terms between the respective parties.


Warehousing facility can be provided:


In case, your customer is not taking physical delivery yet, we can also provide warehousing facility. The storage, however, is subject to the availability in the warehouse. The charges will be as applicable. Kindly log on to our website to check on the per tonnage rates and also to make a request to store the goods traded.


Contact us:


You can contact us via our phone lines or drop us a line via our emails if there is any specific query relating to the shipment storage and delivery. Our friendly staff will love to help you with it.



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